About viewing data

Echosounder data can be displayed in four different ways:

  1. The Filesets window lists the filesets, data files and variables present in the EV file.

  2. The Cruise track window displays:

  3. a GPS fixes cruise track, or

  4. an alongtrack display cruise track.

  1. The Echogram window displays a color echogram. The echogram is the principal window for quality control, editing and analysis of backscattering strength data.

  2. The Graph window displays graphs of aspects of the data; for example, the ping graph displays sample value (Sv or TS) or angle data (minor-axis and major-axis) against depth in an oscilloscope-like plot.

Multiple windows of each type may be open to enable different parts of the data to be viewed simultaneously. Windows can be zoomed and scrolled independently, however many display settings will be common to all windows of one type, open for an EV file. Editing operations in one window will automatically update other windows as appropriate.

Several EV files can be opened at the same time. The windows on different EV files are independent even if the EV files contain the same data files. Operations within a window will apply only to the current EV file; that is, the EV file on which the active window is based.

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