Filters a ObjectList. Requires an Option that specializes the filter.

The Option can be an index or a range of indexes. Otherwise, if the input is an ObjectList the Option can also be one or more of the preset filters from the table below.

Invert the filter by prefixing the Option with !.



Raw Raw surfaces and variables
Surfaces All surfaces
Transducers Transducer variables
Variables All variables
VariablesAcoustic Raw and virtual acoustic variables
VariablesGeopoint Bottom classification variable
VariablesImage Image variable
VariablesLine Raw or virtual lines
VariablesLineEditable Editable lines
VariablesMovement Attitude, distance or position raw and virtual variables
VariablesMultibeam Multibeam raw and virtual variables
VariablesRaw Raw variables
VariablesUsable Available variables
VariablesVideo Video variable
VariablesVirtual Virtual variables
Virtual Virtual surfaces and variables

ObjectsMatcher | Only [!] Option [Option ... Option]


Refer to filtering a SeparatedList with the Only Action.

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