Video data files

Echoview supports the display of video data from the following file formats: *.mov, *.avi, *.wmv, *.mpeg, *.mp4 and *.m4v. You can display video data in the Media window and are able to auto-synchronize the video data with echograms.

On the addition of the video file to a fileset, Echoview looks for an matching EPJ file. EPJ files must be in the same folder as the video data files.

In the absence of an EPJ file, Echoview will attempt to determine a start date and time within the video file. For MP4, MOV, M4V video file formats this information is in the MVHD tuple. Verification of such date and time data is advised. This is because the start time and date could be stored as UTC or as a local time which may be dependent on device and user settings.

The playback of video data is managed by video display software used by the Windows operating system. Echoview determines the duration of the video data from the video display software. You can auto-synchronize the Media window with other Echoview windows. Video start times and video duration are used by the auto-synchronization tool in the display of video data. A black frame is displayed when no video data is available; for example in between separate video data files.


  • Related video files can be added to one fileset.
  • Unrelated video files can be added to separate filesets.
  • When Echoview reads data from a MVHD tuple, only the date-time value is extracted. Time zone information is not read and Echoview will not convert values to another time zone.  
  • See also: Solutions to common problems: Echoview can not display a video

EPJ files

An EPJ file is a plain text file with an .epj extension. The name of the EPJ file echoes the name of the associated video file.

The EPJ file contains the start date and time of the video data in the format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.###

For example:

Video folder contains Description
Rockfish video 1.avi Video data file
Rockfish video 1.epj

The EPJ file for the video file called Rockfish video 1.

The contents of the file is:

2001-05-24 10:12:26.868


  • An EPJ file can be edited in a plain text editor like Windows Notepad.
  • An EPJ file is read (once) when an associated video file is added to a fileset. Any changes to an EPJ file, made after the initial read, are ignored. To implement such a change, you will need to Remove, then Add the video file from the fileset.
  • The video is played by the video display software used by the Windows operating system.

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