Integrating cells

Refer to the about integration page for an introduction to integrating in Echoview.

Configure the cells on an echogram by specifying the Show time/distance grid and Show depth/range/line-referenced on the Grid page.

If the cell density is too dense, Echoview will not be able to render the results in the cells. Moreover the cell density affects computation time.

Integrate visible cells

To integrate visible cells:

  1. Ensure the cells you wish to integrate are visible on the echogram.
  2. Press I to display the Sv mean or Ctrl+I to display the NASC for the cells.

The results are displayed in each cell. X is displayed in cells for which a value could not be calculated.

Integrate a cell

To integrate a cell:

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the cell you wish to integrate.
  2. On the Shortcut menu (right-click), click Integrate Cell.

The integration results and other properties of the cell are displayed in the Cell Integration dialog box.

Exporting integrate by cells

Refer to Integration by cells.

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