Zoom toolbar

The Zoom toolbar contains zoom buttons, which are context sensitive and can be used with the:

The zoom tools have a greater zoom increment and zoom control than that of zoom with the mouse wheel.

Toolbar buttons

The single beam echogram title bar displays the zoom ratio in [Ping:Pixel] or [Target:Pixel].

Icon Name Shortcut Key Description

Zoom in


Zoom in.

Single beam [Ping:Pixel] indicates ping per displayed pixels.

Zoom out


Zoom out.

Single beam [Ping:Pixel] also indicates the ping scaling. Zoom out displays the middle ping. For example [4:1] displays 1 out of 4 pings.




Single beam displays [1 ping:1 pixel].

zoom to extents tool

Zoom to extents



  • extent of pings
  • extent of cruise track or alongtrack data
  • extent of dataflow objects
  • extent of world map

Note: The full extent of the data will not be shown if the zoom-out limit is reached.

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