Joining regions

You can join two (or more) 2D regions to form a single region which includes all of the samples which were included in the original regions.

To join two regions:

  1. Click on the region you wish to join (call this region A).
  2. Point to the region you wish to join it to (call this region B).
  3. On the Shortcut (right-click) menu, click Join regions
  4. The boundary of region A is modified to include the boundary of region B, with a thin connecting link created if necessary. Region B is deleted.


  • The thin connecting link (if created) may introduce data as it has a small but finite width (~2 mm).
  • The shape of the new region is not affected by the order of selection (if you join region A to B or B to A the result is the same).
  • Regions with overlapping boundaries can not be joined.

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