About regions

Regions in Echoview are a feature of the EV file. Once defined, a region can be applied to all echograms in an EV file, including virtual echograms. Each region has five basic properties:

Regions can be displayed in a number of ways:

On echograms, the default colors for each type of region are :

These are the defaults colors only, you can define other colors in customized color schemes using Echocolor. See also: About analysis domains: Integration cues.

Regions can also be viewed on:


Working with regions

Active region

An Active region is the region available for analysis, export and synchronizing. You can only have one Active region at a time. To make a region Active:

  1. On an echogram, use the rectangle tool and click on a region.

- OR -

  1. On the Regions window, double click a region

- OR -

  1. In the Region Browser dialog box, scroll through the regions using the next and previous arrows.

When a region is the Active region, you can:

The Active region on an echogram has a border 1 pixel wider than other regions, and a fill color (dependent on the type of region).

The Active region is displayed in bold text on the Regions window.

Selected regions

You can have one or more Selected regions. To select regions, open the Regions window and:

  1. Click on a single region.

- OR -

  1. Hold down the SHIFT key and select multiple regions.

- OR -

  1. On the Shortcut menu, select Select All.

When you have one or more regions Selected, you can use the Region Editor dialog box to:

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