Simrad EK80 details

The Details dialog box lists the following information that is specific to Simrad EK80 data. Note: Many details are only displayed for raw variables.

Ping (from file)

  • Slope
  • This value is associated with the Simrad EK80 transceiver Ramping parameter that can be set to Fast or Slow. Where Slope is recorded as a string, Slow is assumed to represent 0.5 and Fast is calculated as a function of FrequencyStart and PulseDuration.
  • Beam type
  • Is a Simrad beam type value expressed as a decimal number.
  • Pulse form
  • Displays a description of the pulse type. Echoview reads PulseForm from the data file. See also Simrad data files: EK80 data files - Notes.
  • Channel ID
  • Channel identifier
  • Transducer Draft
  • A value of zero meters can indicate that the Transducer Draft value is absent from the file.
  • Recording Mode
  • Is complex for wideband data. Can be one of the following: Power/angle, Reduced power/angle or complex for CW data.
  • Transceiver name
  • The transceiver name read from the data file.
  • Transceiver serial number
  • The transceiver serial number read from the data file.
  • Transducer name
  • The transducer name read from the data file.
  • Transducer serial number
  • The transducer serial number read from the data file.


  • File name

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