Time Slider Properties dialog box

The Time Slider Properties dialog box displays and allows you to adjust the settings for the Time window slider.


To display the Time Slider Properties dialog box:

  1. Click on the pop-up menu buttons at the Start limit or the Finish limit of the Time Slider.

  2. Select the Properties option of the menu.




You can set the start and finish times here and/or lock them to the start or finish limits respectively.


Ordinarily the scene time limits cover the valid times of all the 3D objects in the scene.

To define your own scene time limits:

  1. Select Manual limits
  2. Under Start Limit and Finish Limit enter the limits of your choice

Fade function

This setting is only available on the Scene window time slider and controls the fading in and out of view of 3D objects in the scene over time. Each of the available fade functions defines how the opacity of objects is to vary between the times of the Start time slider and the Finish time slider. The available functions are as follows:





Opacity is on/off. The Valid time is used to control when the object is displayed in a scene. By default the valid time is set equal to the Acquired time.


Opacity ramps upwards such that objects at the scene start time are invisible and objects at the scene finish time are fully opaque.


Opacity ramps up and down again such that objects at the scene start time and scene finish tie are transparent and objects mid way between the two are fully opaque.


Opacity ramps up and down again like the Saw function, but in a non-linear sinusoidal manner.

Note: objects will only appear on the scene if their valid time overlaps with the scene time.

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