About scene animation

The Scene window can display objects in a three dimensional space with a sense of time. That is, the scene is displayed as if it were at a specific time and only objects which are valid within a specified time window are visible.

You can use the time slider or replay controls on the scene window to alter the scene time window dynamically. As the time window moves objects may come into view and/or move out of view depending upon their valid times. They may appear and disappear suddenly or gradually fade in and out, depending upon the choice of fade function.

You can also fly through a scene as if you were behind a movie camera by using:

Following the platform

You can play back a scene over time following the platform as you go, as follows:

  1. Display a 3D cruise track on a scene.
  2. Set up your desired view, using some or all of:
    1. any of the predefined views
    2. the 3D navigation controls
    3. the Time slider
    4. the scene replay controls
  3. On the Scene menu, click Platform Lock.

Now if you move the scene time (using the Time slider or scene replay controls) you will move with the platform as it moves. The platform need not be visible for this to function, you can for example look at something beneath, behind or ahead of the platform. But if the platform is visible then as the scene time changes the platform will not move in your view, the rest of the scene will - because you are following the platform.

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