Beam Scan

This operator builds up a scanned image by combining data from the current ping with n previous pings.

Enter n (the number of previous pings to be displayed) on the Beam scan page on the Variable Properties dialog box.

Any beam in the multibeam ping which contains only no data samples is considered empty. Echoview will fill each empty beam with data from the most recent equivalent beam within the specified window size, n.

A beam is considered equivalent only if:

  • it has the same beam number, and
  • it comes from a ping of the same geometry as the current ping, that is, with the same:
    • start range
    • stop range
    • number of beams
    • number of samples in each beam
    • tilt angle

Note: This operator is intended for use on variables from the Kongsberg Mesotech MS1000 scanning sonar (which contain empty beams). The use of other multibeam formats as operand variables is not recommended. In general it will produce no effect.

Echoview accepts a single operand of the following data types as input:

  • Multibeam magnitude
  • Multibeam Sv
  • Multibeam TS
  • Multibeam unspecified dB


The Beam Scan Variable Properties dialog box pages include (common) Variable Properties pages and these operator pages:

Operands page

Beam Scan page



 Window size

The Window size setting determines the number (n) of previous pings from which data is drawn if available.

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