This operator evaluates an arbitrary mathematical equation on a per-sample basis on the echogram data. Enter the formula through the Formula page of the Variable Properties dialog box.

Echoview accepts multiple operands of the following data types as input:

  • Angular position
  • Boolean
  • Linear
  • Multibeam angular position
  • Multibeam boolean
  • Multibeam magnitude
  • Multibeam Sv
  • Multibeam TS
  • Multibeam unspecified dB
  • Power dB
  • Sv
  • TS
  • Unspecified dB


The Formula Variable Properties dialog box pages include (common) Variable Properties pages and these operator pages:

Operands page

Formula page



Result Type

Allows you to override the output type for the formula.


  • The output type defaults to Automatic.
  • Input operands, ping, samples and data values note.

Edit Formula

Click to create or edit a mathematical formula.

See: About the formula operator

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