Live Export

This operator incrementally exports its data to a file in real time while live viewing. Operand 1 specifies the variable that supplies the echogram data for export. Shortcut menu > Echogram displays Operand 1. The Live export operator regularly checks for new live viewing data and exports echogram data when new data is available. The operator is best used in a live viewing template's dataflow. Live export settings specify file location and other optional file parameters.

Live export may be used where Echoview is used remotely and data is sent to local network for assessment. Live export is designed to work while live viewing in Echoview and to work smoothly with COM live viewing support. Contact for further information.


  • When using the Live Export operator and a GPS Position variable is not available, specify Fixed for the Platform type on the Position page of the Platform Properties dialog box.
  • Echoview applies exclusion lines and thresholds to the output of Live export.

It accepts operands with the following data types:

  • Color
  • Linear
  • Power dB
  • Sv
  • TS
  • Unspecified dB


The Live Export Variable Properties dialog box pages include (common) Variable Properties pages and these operator pages:

Operands page

Live Export page



File location

Location for the export file output by the Live export operator while live viewing.

Specified folders are assumed to pre-exist. The file name is not required to pre-exist. When a file name does pre-exist, Echoview appends a number to the file name.

Limit file size by pings

An optional parameter to manage the number of pings per file.

Leave the box clear to use an unlimited file size.

Limit file size by megabytes

An optional parameter to manage the file size.

Leave the box clear to use an unlimited file size.

Live Export file format

The Live export file format is similar to a Single beam, split beam and dual beam data value exports file.

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