WMS Map Properties dialog box

The WMS Map Properties dialog box is used to specify a WMS map. You can select a WMS map to use as a background for a cruise track on the cruise track window. WMS maps are downloaded from the internet as required. There is an option to precache WMS maps; which is useful when working with Echoview on board vessels with limited or no internet access.

Available settings include:

Setting Description


A name for the WMS map.


The WMS map's URL address. The WMS URL list displays some common WMS URL addresses.

The Refresh Server Info button reloads map layer and server information from the specified URL.

The Errors button displays the error status for a request to the specified URL.

Error button status Description
No errors The Errors button becomes unavailable. No errors were received when the URL was used.
Error(s) contacting sever Click this button to display the details of the server error messages.
Error(s) downloading maps Click this button to display the details of the downloading error messages.


  • The WMS URL list may change as a result of updates to Echoview.
  • The WMS map URL is required, but WMS map request parameters that are normally included in the URL are not always necessary. Most map request parameters, including the LAYERS parameter, are handled by Echoview. However, non-dedicated servers that offer a number of file services may require a request a parameter like SERVICE=WMS in order to load a WMS map. A server often has a web page that explains how to access various files.


Select or clear specific layers of the WMS map. Information on WMS maps is organized into layers. The number of layers selected is related to the download time (required).

Warning: Echoview is not a navigational tool. Any map files supplied with Echoview show indicative positions of coastlines only; they do not show navigational hazards. Echoview Software is not responsible for the content of online maps, and does not guarantee that they are rendered accurately within Echoview.

Maximum tile zoom level

Select Maximum tile zoom level to control the maximum zoom-in for the WMS map. This is very useful in the case where the map shows artifact-errors. Decreasing the Maximum tile zoom level may correct such display errors.

Service information

WMS service information.


Displays a preview map of the area selected from the Preview list.

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