Create 3D Multibeam Curtain dialog box

The Create 3D Multibeam Curtain dialog box is used to enter the settings that will be used to create Multibeam ping curtain group 3D objects.

To invoke the Create 3D Multibeam Curtain dialog box:

  1. Display a multibeam echogram.

  2. On the Echogram menu, point to Create 3D object, then click Curtain.

The Create 3D Multibeam Curtain contains the following settings:




Enter a name for the multibeam ping curtain group to be created or accept the default.

All pings [number]

Click to specify all pings. Number refers to the number of pings in the variable.

Ping range

Click to specify the ping range under From and To.

Ping sampling factor

Enter the spacing between pings for curtain creation. For example if you have entered 0 for First ping, and 10 for the Ping Sampling factor the resulting Multibeam ping curtain group will contain one Multibeam ping curtain for  ping 0, another for ping 9 another for ping 19 etc.


Select which samples, if any on the multibeam echogram should be rendered as transparent in the created curtain. You can select:

Click Create to create the 3D multibeam curtain group.


  • To view the multibeam ping curtain group you will need to add it to a scene, see About Scenes.

  • Each multibeam ping curtain group has its own 3D Object Properties dialog box where its name and appearance can be edited and details about the 3D object are available.

  • You can view the details of the multibeam ping curtain(s) in a multibeam ping curtain group or delete a multibeam ping curtain from a multibeam ping curtain group, on the Multibeam curtains page of the 3D Object Properties dialog box.

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