Bottom classification graphs

Bottom classification graphs are X-Y scatter plots of extracted features from a bottom points variable. Bottom points are displayed in bottom class colors. The bottom class legend can be found with the Bottom point cruise track. Class names and colors may be modified under the Classes page of the Bottom points Variable Properties dialog box.

Base graph

A base graph from a bottom points variable may be displayed through:

  • View menu, select Graph, Bottom point variable
  • - OR -
  • Dataflow window, select Bottom point variable, on the Shortcut menu select Graph

Use the Graph page of the Variable Properties dialog box to view or change the X-Axis and Y-Axis.

Coexisting and multiple graphs

Coexisting and multiple graphs based on the same bottom points variable may be displayed using:

  1. Dataflow window, press Ctrl-right-click to access the Shortcut menu of the Bottom point variable, then select Graph.
  2. On the graph, Shortcut menu, Graph Properties, select Override variable settings.
  3. Specify a bottom feature from the X-Axis list and the Y-Axis list.

Use Graph Properties to view or change the X-Axis and Y-Axis of coexisting and multiple graphs of a bottom points variable.

Note: Bottom classification graphs are exclusively associated with their bottom points variable. Bottom classification data (once calculated) are fixed with respect to their initial settings. As a result bottom classification data won't update with changes in Transducer or Platform Properties.

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