About the Target Metadata window

The Target Metadata window displays and manages the target metadata information of all stored target lengths and Target classes in the EV file.


  • Manual target lengths can be associated with targets that are at the same point in space but originate from different transducers in the EV file.
  • Manual target lengths and Target classes applied to a target are associated with a specific relative transducer location and a specific time on an echogram, and not with the identified target. If you store target lengths or classify your targets, and then subsequently change your target detection settings, or source data time or geometry, your targets will change location, but the measurements and class labels will not.
  • The Target Metadata window manages stored target lengths and target classes from single target variables derived from multibeam target detection variables.

To display the Target Metadata window:

  • On the View menu, click Target Metadata.

Target metadata information:





dd:MM:yyyy HH:mm:ss.ssss

Target time.



Target range.



Target major-axis angle.



Target minor-axis angle.

Length (manual) cm

Manual target length that was measured by the Tape measure tool and stored by the user.

Target length (manual) is displayed along with Target length on the Details dialog box for the target, and is exported as Target_length_manual.

Target class

The Target class assigned to the target. The default value is Unclassified targets. You can create Target classes on the Classes page of the EV File Properties dialog box.

To delete metadata

Select a target metadata row(s) and on the Shortcut menu, select Delete.

To view a particular target in an open multibeam echogram

Select a target metadata row and on the Shortcut menu, select Synchronize echograms.

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