International character support

Echoview version 4.90 and greater supports input and display of Latin, Asian and non-Latin character sets for path names, names of variables, fields or objects and Notes.


  • The Windows Language bar enables you to select an input language for the keyboard.
  • To achieve consistency for the decimal separator, date and time in Echoview export files, Echoview uses the format associated with English (United States).
  • The Welcome screen supports the use of &, [ and ] characters in file names.

Some associated programs (Echoview utilities and Echolog applications) and netCDF4 files do not support the use of some international character sets and cannot open or save files if:

  • the file name contains unsupported characters, or
  • the file path contains any folders that are named using unsupported characters.

When these programs encounter unsupported characters, they display a warning message and identify the files/folder that contain the unsupported characters.

For these programs Echoview Software recommends using only those characters in the Latin alphabet (as used for English) for naming files and folders.