Navigating the Help file

The Echoview Help file aims to provide information about Echoview's features and information in context with the data processing workflow. The power of the Echoview Help file lies in its: progressive accumulation of information about application features; the standards to which the content is written (this includes sign off for quality assurance) and hyperlinking.

Help file window

The Echoview help file is a *.chm file that is displayed by a Microsoft Windows Help-browser window. The Echoview.chm is found in the same folder as the Echoview application. Help content is written to topic pages. Topics discuss themes and concepts associated with Echoview features and its interface, and the data processing workflow. Hyperlinks within topics, between topics and to internet content provide knowledge-dense and expansive information.

The Echoview Help file window may be opened using:


Table of contents (TOC)

Echoview Help window > Contents tab

Many topic pages are linked to TOC books or TOC pages.

Available TOC books include:

TOC map


Echoview Help window > Index tab

Many topic pages are linked to Index entries.

Help file standards

Correctness Correct facts and correct algorithms.
Consistency Internally our terminology and style should be consistent.
Conformance Our terminology and style should conform to standards - scientific, academic, mathematical.
Compactness Be as short as possible while still being meaningful and accurate.
Clarity Be clear and easy to understand.
Context Provide context where required. Topics in help-materials are usually not isolated from other topics. Discussions in the reference/algorithm sections benefit when useful context is added. Journal or book references used and are cited where required.


The Help file window offers a Search feature on the Search tab. A search request displays ranked, Index pages or Table of Contents pages together with topic pages that are included in the Help file but may not be explicitly displayed in the Index or the TOC.


Echoview Help window > Favorites

Use ADD to add a current topic to a list of favorite topics.

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