The Equivalent_area is an analysis export variable available in exported integration analyses.

It reports the area (m) that would be occupied if all the samples had the mean Sv of the domain (Urmy et al (2012) citing (Woillez et al., 2007)). It is calculated by considering all the samples of the domain which was analyzed. The exported Equivalent_area is equivalent to the 'Equivalent area' as used by Urmy et al (2012).


Equivalent area equation


EA is the Equivalent_area (m).
z is the depth (m) of a sample in the analysis domain.

is the sample volume-backscattering coefficient at z.

Sv (dB re 1m-1) is the (mean) Volume backscattering strength of the sample at z.

Notes: Thresholded Sv (dB) values are handled as 0 in the linear domain.

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