About analysis

An analysis in Echoview is a quantitative output from a computation in the form of a metric, such as the mean Sv from an integration. An analysis is typically performed over an entire echogram, or on a region or selection.

Process your data using virtual variables prior to analysis, or using any external application of your choice by exporting your data then adding it to Echoview again for visualization and further analysis.

Onscreen and export analyses

Echoview supports a range of on screen analyses, or analysis variables that you export.

Detection analyses

You can also analyze your data using detection algorithms to identify significant content. Common detection tools used in Echoview are:

Settings that affect analyses

Heave compensation

Heave compensation affects the export of range based analysis variables, they are set to a special value.


An assigned transect group can affect the output of your analyses. For more information refer to transects and analyses.

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