Ordering of data files

An EV file can contain multiple filesets, each of which can contain multiple data files.

The data files in any one fileset are ordered alphabetically by their name. They are displayed in this order on the Filesets window. Echoview assumes data files are listed in the order in which they were collected. If this is not the case, Echoview issues a warning and may not perform as expected.

Loading time

Loading time is the time it takes Echoview to access the data files when opening an EV file. This time can be considerable for very large data files or large numbers of data files. If possible, data files should be added to a fileset in the same order that they were collected. Echoview will then be able to load the data files significantly faster than if the data files are added out of order.

Echoview uses internal optimization strategies to improve performance and reduce loading times. These strategies rely upon the data files being added in date/time order. This optimization may improve loading time by a factor of 5 or 10, such that an unoptimized loading time of ~10 minutes could be reduced to an optimized loading time of 1 minute.

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