Data File Information dialog box

This dialog box has two sections to display the file properties of the selected data file and the raw variables.

The status message at the bottom of the dialog box summarizes any errors Echoview encountered while reading the file. If so, refer to the warning in Message dialog box for more details.

To open Data File Information dialog box

  1. Open the Filesets window (press F10).
  2. Double-click on a data file in the Data files section.

    - OR -
    Select a data file in the Data files section, and click the Information icon .

File properties section

The Data File Information dialog box lists these file details.

  • Data file name
    • Use the Copy file button to save the file path and name to your clipboard.
  • Data file folder
    • Use the Show file in Explorer button to open the folder containing the data file.
  • Data file type
  • Date/time range (dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss.ssss)

Raw variables section

A list of the types of the raw variables Echoview read or derived from the data file, including the number of measurements for each type.

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