Calibration sphere modeling and references

The Calibration Assistant includes a Sphere Settings tab that enables the specification of Calibration Sphere data.

Sphere modeling

Echoview calibration sphere modeling algorithms are based on those discussed in MacLennan (1981), The theory of solid spheres as sonar calibration targets.

Similar implementations based on this reference may be downloaded and inspected. The implementations (below) include associated copyright, code comments, other notes, calculation limitations and references.

Matlab Chu, D. implementation

"The TS_Package is an easy to use Matlab-based GUI for calculating the target strength of elastic spheres, as used for the calibration of quantitative echosounders and sonars. Documentation is included.

The package was written by Dezhang Chu of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries Service, Seattle, USA."

GitHub (2021), Folder for calibration-code/matlab/TS_Package [Online] Available at

Javascript AST Southwest Fisheries Science Center implementation

Standard Sphere Target Strength Calculator by Advanced Survey Technologies (AST), Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

NOAA Fisheries Southwest Science (2021), Standard Sphere Target Strength Calculator. [Online] Available at Standard Sphere Target Strength Calculator (

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