COM object EvBeamSubset

EvApplication > EvFileCollection > EvFile > EvVariablesCollection > EvVariableBase As EvVariableVirtual >EvVariableAcousticProperties > EvBeamSubset


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The EvBeamSubset object gives you access to settings on the Beam subset page of the Variable Properties dialog box of the acoustic virtual variable.

EvBeamSubset properties:




(read-write) string Ranges


Access or change the value (expressed as a text string) for the setting Range(s) on the Beam subset page.


Note: Invalid text (which can not be interpreted as a range of beams) will result in an error being logged, and no change being made to the operator.


boolean RangeInclusive


Access or change the setting for Beam Inclusion on the Beam subset page. The default is True and this specifies Include the beam ranges. False specifies Exclude the beam ranges.

Dim VarB: Set VarB = EvFile.Variables.FindByName("Beam subset 1")
   If VarB Is Nothing Then
       MsgBox "Failed to find beam subset variable"
       Dim VarBeamSubset: Set VarBeamSubset = VarB.AsVariableVirtual
       If VarBeamSubset Is Nothing Then
           MsgBox "Variable is not virtual - beam subset"
           VarBeamSubset.Properties.BeamSubset.Ranges = "0-5, 10-15"
           MsgBox "Beam subset range changed"
           VarBeamSubset.Properties.BeamSubset.RangeInclusive = False
           MsgBox "Beam subset range inclusive changed to false"
       End If
   End If

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