About Echolog applications

Echolog applications (except for Echolog 60 and Echolog 80) are installed by default when installing Echoview from the download available on the Echoview website, or on an Echoview USB drive.

The default installation folder is Echoview Utilities.

If you require Echolog 60 or Echolog 80, please contact the Echoview support team (support@echoview.com).

Echolog applications


Echolog is the application that broadcasts raw data to enable live viewing in Echoview. Echolog will read and broadcast data for live viewing from the following echosounders and sonars, allowing you to view and analyze data from these systems in real time:


Echolog 500

Echolog 500 includes four applications for logging EK500-compatible telegrams from Simrad Ex60, EK500 and EA500 echosounders:

Note: Echolog 500 was previously named the Echolog module and its applications were previously named Echolog EK, Echoconfig EK and Echosim EK.

Echolog 60

Echolog 60 includes applications for live viewing data from Simrad Ex60, Ex70 and EK15 echosounders:

Echolog 80

Echolog 80 includes applications for live viewing raw data from Simrad EK80 echosounders:

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