Live viewing problems

This page provides fixes for some known problems that can occur with live viewing.

Access shared directories when live viewing

The device running Echolog can see the (host) computer on which the echosounder data is saved but Echoview can not start live viewing. You may need to configure folder/file sharing on the host and the device running Echolog.

Device firewalls

Firewall software, when enabled, can block data that is broadcast by an Echolog application before it is received by Echoview. This may occur regardless of whether Echolog and Echoview are being run on the same or different devices. If communications between an Echolog application and Echoview appear blocked, we suggest temporarily disabling the firewall software on each device involved. If the communication between the applications then succeeds, we suggest adding exception rules to the firewall configuration to allow Outbound Traffic (on the device with Echolog) or Inbound Traffic (on the device with Echoview), using the protocol UDP and the port 2863. Firewall software can be built into Windows, such as Windows Defender Firewall, or installed as part of a third-party antivirus/endpoint security solution. If you are unsure or unable to configure the firewall on your device, consult with your system administrator.

Has my IP address expired?

On many local area networks IP addresses are allocated dynamically by a DHCP server. These addresses can expire after a certain period of time (commonly 24 hours), and a new IP address is allocated if still needed. Typically the same IP address is reallocated to the same machine but it is also possible that a different IP address is allocated. If a different IP address is allocated to the Echolog and/or Echoview machines during a live viewing session this will break the link between the two machines and live viewing will stop.

If you suspect this may be occurring, please contact your local area network manager and ask them to:

  • assign a static (non expiring) IP addresses to the Echolog and/or Echoview machines, or

  • extend the expiry time of the dynamic IP addresses.

Did Echoview crash after live viewing for an extended period?

Echoview will crash during live viewing if the size of the file(s) being logged exceeds available memory. To ensure this does not happen:

Does Echoview have poor performance or crash when a 2D projections or Single target angles graph is linked to an extending selection?

Linking a 2D projections or Single target angles graph to an extending selection will eventually lead to poor performance or crash Echoview. The number of data points within a selection affects the system resources needed to redraw these graphs. Even in a computer exceeding recommended requirements, performance may start to deteriorate for an extending selection containing more than 1000 data points and a crash may occur with more than 3000 data points.

Does Echoview recalculate the entire echogram every time new data comes in?

Operators respond to new live viewing data. For many operators this does not affect live-viewing performance because a new ping triggers a recalculation for that ping. However, when the dataflow contains any of the following operators the recalculation involves all pings and live viewing performance can fall:

  • Resample by distance interval

  • Resample by number of pings

  • Resample by time interval

  • All 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7 filters (Dilation, Erosion, Median)

  • All convolution operators (3x3, 5x5, 7x7, XxY, XxYxZ)

  • XxY statistic operator, XxYxZ statistic operator

  • Code operator (if using window of data)

  • Formula operator (if using grid in formula)

  • Ping subset

  • Vessel speed at pings (if GPS tracks changes)

  • Region bitmap (if region changes due to new data)

Difference in the classification of schools

There is known issue with the classification of schools while live viewing. The classification of schools can differ when applied to an echogram after live viewing and when applied while live viewing. The issue is associated with a mismatch between pings and (live-viewed) GPS position.

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