Ex60 configuration

Ensuring uniform ping ranges

The Range and Stop Relative Bottom settings on the Bottom Range dialog box MUST be smaller than or equal to the Range setting on the Surface Range dialog box. If not, the ping range will be irregular and school detection and certain exports may not work.

Data logging

See Ex60 setup for Echolog 500 or Ex60 setup for Echolog 60 depending upon the logging software in use.

Draft considerations

When logging data via that BI500 port it may be possible to apply a transducer depth, or draft, to the telegrams. Echoview Software STRONGLY recommends logging data with a transducer depth of zero and using Echoview's transducer geometry to model the draft for live viewing and processing data.

If you do log data with an embedded draft (that is, a non-zero transducer depth) you should read Logged draft warning before processing your data in Echoview.

Multiple frequency and power considerations

Setting up a echosounder to achieve the maximum range while maintaining valid calibration is a key aim. One limiting-issue is the onset of non-linear distortion of the (echosounder) sine wave at high frequencies under high power. The first resort for guidance regarding this issue is the echosounder's manual. Other sources of guidance can be publish material based on field data, manufacturer's updates on the subject and experiments in the field. Simrad's discussion about harmonic distortion in water provides useful background knowledge.

The following table shows some recommendations for the Simrad ER60 echosounder. This information was drawn from informal technical discussions (2010) between T. Ryan, F. R. Knudsen and T. Jarvis.

Power setting


Field use

Values from Korneliussen et al 2008

Manufacturer's update

Simrad March 2002 News Bulletin

38 kHz 2500 W 2000* W
120 kHz 250 W 500^ W
200 kHz 110 W 100+ W

*ER60 38 kHz the maximum power setting is 2000 W.
"Non-linear effects at 38 kHz are not a problem at this power" (F. R. Knudsen pers. comm).

^ER60 120 kHz the maximum power available is 1000 W. However at this frequency, non-linear effects become a significant issue between 500 to 1000 W.

+ER60 200 kHz the nearest available power setting is 120 W.
"120 W at 200 kHz should be okay" (F. R. Knudsen pers. comm).