ASL Environmental Sciences data files

AZFP binary data files

Echoview can read data files output by the ASL Environmental Sciences Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP).

When an AZFP .XML or .cfg file is present in the data folder, Echoview is able to read AzfpDetectionSlope, AzfpEchoLevelMax, AzfpTransmitVoltage, AzfpTransmitVoltageResponse, SoundSpeed and TwoWayBeamAngle.

  • AZFP .XML files occur with AZFP data files on the SD card of the AZFP device and may be copied manually. Data files (*.nnx) are set to the phase number. nn can range consecutively from 01 to 12, with x=A or x=B (to indicate the instrument has been stopped and started within the same hour). Refer to the AZFP Software Manual for more detailed information.
  • AZFP .cfg files occur when AZFP software is used to 'extract' data files from the AZFP device. The data files take the form *.nnn where n can be an integer in the range 0 to 9 and the text component can include a date/time.
  • Echoview can read and use unique frequency values stored in AZFP files. Echoview does not read or use calibration data associated with duplicated frequency values.

Values for Sv, TS can be calculated with data read from an AZFP binary data file. ASL Environment Sciences files can be verified by Echocheck.

Pitch and roll data can be read from an AZFP binary data file.

Note: When .XML or .cfg files are missing, Echoview may default calibration values that may be unsuitable for the data. Use an Echoview ECS file to specify correct calibration values.

Averaged AZFP data

Averaged AZFP Ping burst data can be read from an AZFP binary data file.

StartRange = -0.5 * BinSize

StopRange = StartRange + (BinSize*Num_Bins*Samples_bin)


BinSize = (SoundSpeed/2)/AZFP_Digitization_rate)

Num_bins, Samples_bin, SoundSpeed, AZFP_Digitization_rate are read from the data file.

Further information may be found in "Appendix G AZFP Data and Calibration" within the AZFP Operator's manual or contact ASL Environmental Sciences.

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