New for users of data from Simrad echosounders

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 13 which specifically affect the use of data from Simrad echosounders.

Omnisonar .nc file format support

Echoview reads ICES SONAR-netCDF4 file format *.nc files recorded by licensed Simrad omnisonar SU90, MF90, CS90, ST90, SX90 and SY50 omnisonar systems, and SN90 fishery sonar.

Simrad EK80 file format *.raw

Echoview can read and identify active and passive pings in Simrad EK80 data files. The TransducerModeActive calibration setting filters active and passive pings in an acoustic variable via the Code operator or with the Calibration Subset operator.

Introducing Echoview and updated Echocheck support for KM Binary data from an Applanix POS MV instrument and recorded in EK80 *.raw files. Derived variables may include KM Binary GPS, heading, heave, pitch and roll.

Improved support for EK80 *.bot

Improved the procedures for finding usable *.bot files.

Updated support for Simrad *.xyz

Echoview supports the updated version of the Simrad *.xyz file which changed the recorded format for latitude and longitude.

Improved support for EK80 systems

Improved handling of EK80 systems with an unspecified name in the *.raw data file. Refer to Supported EK80 systems.

EK500 data

Expanded support for merging EK500 data encoded in (specific) different ways into the same fileset.

Simrad ME70 file format (*.raw)

Echocheck is updated to support recent versions of the Simrad ME70 *.raw file format.

Ex500 and Ex60 data logged with Echolog 500 (.ek5) and templates

The EV file upgrade from EV files created prior to Echoview 4.70.02 that contain Ex500 data from Ex60 data files will no longer be automatically updated for templates when the data file can't be found.

New calibration settings

New in 13.1: Echoview supports the PulseDurationLookupKey, PulseDurationLookupSaCorrection and PulseDurationLookupTransducerGain calibration settings for Simrad EK80, EK60 and Ex60 systems.

EVD export file

New in 13.1: Export EVD files based on Simrad EK CW data or Simrad Ex60 data now record SaCorrectionFactor. The value is not used for Echoview calibration but can be read by Echoview and used for other purposes.

See also: New features in Echoview 13 for a description of changes that may affect you but are not specific to data from Simrad echosounders.