The multi-threaded Code operator allows you to apply a Python® script from a *.py file to specified operands. Echoview supports and includes the Python NumPy and SciPy modules which offer a wide range of open-source scientific computing and numerical integration capabilities. The Code operator is available under the Advanced Operators module.

The Code operator outputs a ping for each matched operand ping. The data type of the output is the same as the operand. However, the Complex power dB, Complex Sv, Complex TS, Pulse compressed complex power dB, Pulse compressed complex Sv, Pulse compressed complex TS data types are output as single beam Sv, TS and power respectively. Calculations are carried out in the domain specified by the Python file.


  • See also Code operator error handling.
  • Matched pings have the same ping time.
  • The Python modules NumPy and SciPy do not have an explicit system to handle no data values.
  • See also: The Effect of No data samples on the Wideband Frequency Response graph page.

Echoview accepts multiple operands of the following data types as input:

  • Angular position
  • Boolean
  • Complex angular position
  • Complex power dB
  • Complex Sv
  • Complex TS
  • Linear
  • Multibeam angular position
  • Multibeam boolean
  • Multibeam magnitude
  • Multibeam phase
  • Multibeam Sv
  • Multibeam TS
  • Multibeam unspecified dB
  • Power dB
  • Pulse compressed complex angular position
  • Pulse compressed complex power dB
  • Pulse compressed complex Sv
  • Pulse compressed complex TS
  • Sv
  • TS
  • Unspecified dB


Operands page

Code page

The Code page specifies a Python program file and specifies a sliding Window for Python calculations that require it. For more information refer to About the Code operator and Using the Code operator.



Python source file

Specifies the path and file name of a Python source file.

Use ... to browse to and open a Python file.

Use New to create a new Python file.

Use Edit to edit the Python source file.

Click X to remove a Python file.


  • Use (Python) Editor on the General page of the Echoview Configuration dialog box to specify an editing application other than Windows Notepad.
  • For information about security, errors, data structure and handling refer to Using the Code operator.
  • Use of other Python packages with Echoview, requires a Windows Command line specification of an Environment variable before opening Echoview. For further information refer to Using the Code operator: Using other packages with Echoview.

Window size (pings)

Specifies the size in pings of a Code calculation sliding window. The array represented by Window size is passed to the Code operator. The Window index points to the center of the window.

A valid Window size is a whole number of pings greater than or equal to 0. Entering an even Window size results in the value being rounded up to the nearest odd integer.

See also Using the Code operator: Ping index.

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