About line status

Echoview assigns the following line status to line segments in a line:

A line status of good or bad is automatically assigned to line data when lines are created by line picking. Lines are drawn in line status colors with a line thickness. Line status colors and thickness may be specified for all lines in an EV file or for a particular line variable.

To manually assign line status:

  1. Make the line active by selecting it from the Line and Surface tool list line edit tool

  2. Select the section of the line to which you are assigning a line status, using one of the selection tools.

  3. On the Shortcut menu (right-click), point to Set Line Status and then click the required line status
    you choose None, the section of the line will be deleted.

Note: When you assign line status manually, new interpolated co-ordinate points are created.

Line status has the following uses:

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