Exporting multibeam target data

You can export multibeam targets for all pings or a selection of pings to a .csv file. The targets.mb prefix is added to the csv file extension (e.g., filename.targets.mb.csv).

To export multibeam targets

  1. Display a multibeam targets echogram.
  2. On the Echogram menu, point to Export, and then click Multibeam target to CSV.
  3. On the export dialog box, specify the Export options.
  4. Click Export...

Multibeam target export file format (*.targets.mb.csv)

The first line of the file is a header row that contains the names of the variables that are exported (see below). Each additional row contains the corresponding variables for a single ping.




Sequential ping number

Note: In Echoview, pings are renumbered sequentially beginning with 0


Distance (nmi) from the first GPS fix in the data file


Vessel log (nmi) at the time the ping was transmitted


The date (yyyy-MM-dd) on which the ping was transmitted


The time (HH:mm:ss) at which the ping was transmitted


The millisecond component of Ping_time (0..999)


The latitude (degrees) of the GPS antenna at the time the ping was transmitted


The longitude (degrees) of the GPS antenna at the time the ping was transmitted


The heading of the platform at the time the ping was transmitted

Note: Heading values are taken from the heading source selected on the Attitude page of the Platform Properties dialog box.


Range (m) of the closest sample (measured along the beam-axis) in the operand variable.


Range (m) of the farthest sample (measured along the beam-axis) in the operand variable.


Angle (degrees) scribed between the two outer beams in the operand variable.


Number of beams in each ping in the operand variable.


Number of targets in the ping.


Ping mode of the multibeam target variable.


Name of multibeam target variable.


The number, if any, assigned to the ping in the original data file from which Echoview read the data.

Target values

Note: No title in the header row of the file

A string of comma-separated

  • range (m),

  • mean Sv (dB re 1m-1),

  • major-axis angle (degrees),

  • minor-axis angle (degrees), and

  • status:

    • 1 = excluded from the echogram by the thresholds on the Data page of the Variable Properties dialog box
    • 0 = included on the echogram

values comprising each target according to the format (line breaks for clarity only):

<target 0 range>,<target 0 mean Sv >,<target 0 major-axis angle>,<target 0 minor-axis angle>,<target 0 status>,

<target 1 range>,<target 1 mean Sv >,<target 1 major-axis angle>,<target 1 minor-axis angle>,<target 1 status>,


<target n range>,<target n mean Sv >,<target n major-axis angle>,<target n minor-axis angle>,<target n status>

where n = Number_of_targets - 1.

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