Export dialog box

This page contains information on the export options for the

Export Pings dialog box

for variable data exports

Export Underlying Data dialog box

for underlying data exports

Export Multibeam Bottom Preview dialog box

for multibeam bottom preview sample data exports

Export Georeferenced Samples dialog box

for georeferenced samples from multibeam data exports

Export Target Lengths to CSV format dialog box

for target length or multibeam target exports

Export Single Targets to CSV format dialog box

for single targets data exports

Line Export dialog box

for line data exports

Export options

If available, you can customize your export in these sections.

Select range to export

Select All measurements to export data for all the pings in the echogram.

Select Measurement range to export data for the range of ping numbers you specify in the From and To fields.

Select Time range to export data by one or more ping time ranges (refer to the example on the Ping Subset page).

File options

In the Compression drop-down menu, select between

  • No compression
  • Highest quality sample data (lossless) - Large file size
    • Double precision (64-bit)
  • High quality sample data - Smaller file size
    • Float precision (32-bit)
    • This is accurate for most data. However, expect precision losses when Echoview converts your data from 64- to 32-bit.

(Acoustic angle data tends not to benefit from the compression scheme used in Echoview.)

Select Split exported files based on size to break your export into fragments, then specify the maximum size of each fragment in Target file size (MB).

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