Export Scene to Image File dialog box

The Export Scene to Image File dialog box is used to control the export of Echoview scenes to georeferenced image files. It is displayed only if you are exporting a scene to a file of type TIFF/GeoTIFF or JPEG.

Note: image files are always exported using the orthographic projection. See About 3D projections.

The following settings appear on the Export Scene to Image File dialog box:



File name

The full file name that you entered into the Export scene dialog box is displayed on the Export Scene to Image File dialog box, but cannot be changed.

Image dimensions

Enter a value for image scale. Dimensions of the exported image for this setting will be updated as you move to other items in the dialog box.

You will be able to enter one of the following depending upon the chosen projection:

  • Pixels per degree: For Equirectangular projections, the entered number determines the number of pixels that represent one degree of latitude.

  • Meters per pixel: For Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projections, the entered number represent the number of meters that will be represented by one pixel.

Relief shading

To add shading to the exported image in order to emphasize relief,

  1. Check the "Use relief shading" checkbox.

  2. Adjust the Sun elevation slider so that it registers the elevation required.

  3. Adjust the Sun azimuth slider.

Otherwise, ensure that the checkbox is cleared.

Background color

Select the color to use as background for your exported image.

File format

Select the required file format.

Note: If you selected JPG in the Export scene dialog box, this option will be unavailable.

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