Advanced Operators module

The Advanced Operator module allows you to:

Virtual echograms can be used in real time with Simrad Ex60, EK80 and Ex500 echosounders when the Survey Suite module is licensed.

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Advanced data analysis techniques

dB difference echograms

Figure 1. The dB difference technique. Shown are dB difference echograms. The dataflow is discussed in dB difference Absolute.

3 color technique

Figure 2. A 3 color technique implemented by the 3 Color Maximum operator. A color for each frequency, representing identified biomass in the water column.

Derobertis Z score technique

Figure 3. Species ID using the De Robertis Z-score technique. Images show: species frequency response data; technique stages in an Echoview dataflow; the Z-score equation and echograms showing how the sample data is partitioned by the Z-score technique. The equations are implemented by the Formula operator.

Specific features


Over 70 operators are available through the Advanced Operators module. These operators facilitate the manipulation of echogram data in complex ways and allow advanced analysis beyond the scope of operators in other modules.

Operations/features with virtual variables licensed in the Advanced Operators module

Note: In a virtual variable chain, the final variable in the chain is subject to the licensing conditions of any previous operators in the chain.

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