Transect Subset

This operator creates a variable containing a subset of the pings in another variable based on transects in an assigned transect group.

You enter the processing settings for this operator on the Transect subset page of the Variable Properties dialog box.

Echoview accepts operands of the following data types as input:

Operand 1

  • Angular position
  • Boolean
  • Color
  • Complex angular position
  • Complex power dB
  • Complex Sv
  • Complex TS
  • Current velocity
  • Linear
  • Multibeam angular position
  • Multibeam boolean
  • Multibeam color
  • Multibeam magnitude
  • Multibeam phase
  • Multibeam Sv
  • Multibeam targets
  • Multibeam TS
  • Multibeam unspecified dB
  • Power dB
  • Pulse compressed complex angular position
  • Pulse compressed complex power dB
  • Pulse compressed complex Sv
  • Pulse compressed complex TS
  • Single targets
  • Sv
  • Target length
  • TS
  • Unspecified dB


The Transect Subset Variable Properties dialog box pages include (common) Variable Properties pages and these operator pages:

Operands page

Transect Subset page




Select All transects to choose all the transects in the assigned transect group.

Otherwise, select Selected transect IDs and specify the transects to be included by their transect ID. Enter specific transect IDs or ranges separated by commas, for example: 2, 3-5, 7-. A trailing hyphen selects all subsequent transect IDs.

Ping inclusion

Choose whether to include or exclude pings in the selected ranges in the output.


This section indicates the included (or excluded) ping numbers corresponding to the transect IDs and names.

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