Using transect groups

Transects in a transect group

A transect group is a container for individual transects. You must create and assign a transect group to a platform for Echoview to use the transects in the transect group.

You can create multiple transect groups in an EV file.

Creating a transect group

If no assigned transect groups exist in the EV file, Echoview automatically creates and assigns a new transect group when you create a transect via an echogram or cruisetrack display.

Otherwise, to create a new empty transect group:

  • choose Transect group from the Dataflow toolbox, or
  • right-click on the Dataflow window to open the shortcut menu, select New, Transect group...

After you create a transect group, you will see a transect group object appear on the dataflow window.

Transect group object

Assigning a transect group to a platform

Assign a transect group to a platform object to use the transects within the group. Only one transect group can be assigned at a time to a platform. Echoview ignores all transects within unassigned transect groups.

An assigned transect group

To assign a transect group, connect it to a platform by:

Adding transects to a transect group

Refer to creating transects for instructions on adding transects to a transect group.

Inspecting transects in a transect group

Double-click on the transect group object in the Dataflow window to open the transect group table to view the transects in that transect group. See also: Inspecting transects.

Transect group properties

Refer to the Transect Group Properties dialog box page.

Deleting a transect group

Deleting a transect group automatically deletes the transects in that group. This action cannot be undone.

  1. Select the transect group object
  2. Right-click to open the shortcut menu.
  3. Choose Delete.

COM automation support for transect groups

Use the COM object EvTransectGroup to obtain or specify the name or description of a transect group. You can also use this COM object to export the transects in that group.

Refer to the snippet which describes various transect group actions you can automate, including:

  • importing transects into a new transect group COM object
  • finding a transect group COM object by name
  • assigning a transect group to the platform (to utilize the transects in that group)
  • deleting a transect group

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