Live Viewing dialog box

The Live viewing dialog box live viewing tool lists Echolog applications, running on the local network, that are available for live viewing. Each listed Echolog application is displayed with its equipment name, current logging throughput and the status of the logging application.

To begin live viewing, select an Echolog application within the Live viewing dialog box. Now select the Start live viewing option on the Shortcut menu (right-click) to display the Filesets window, select the desired variables and click OK.

The following Live viewing dialog box Shortcut menu (right-click) options are offered:

Option Description
Start live viewing Begin to live view data from the selected Echolog application.
Stop live viewing Cease to live view data from the selected Echolog application.


  • You may also double-click a listed Echolog application to select variables and then start live viewing.
  • Live viewing starts automatically when an Echolog application is detected, if Automatically start live viewing when a logger is detected is selected on the Live viewing page of the Echoview configuration dialog box,

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