Assumed knowledge

Echoview Help assumes you have a reasonable level of experience with the use of Windows-based personal computers. Specifically, you should be familiar with:

  • one of the supported Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • Windows-based applications (Echoview closely follows conventions used in Windows applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel).

If you are using an Echolog application for data logging and/or Echoview for live viewing, you should also have some experience in configuring local area networks (LANs) under Microsoft Windows, or access to a system administrator who can assist you.

Echoview Help also assumes you have some knowledge of:

  • Echosounding techniques and the operation of echosounding equipment. Echoview Help does not provide instructions on the operation of echosounders. Please refer to the manufacturer's manual if you need assistance with your echosounder.

  • Echo integration and other hydroacoustic data analysis techniques. An introduction to hydroacoustics for fisheries applications can be found in texts such as Fisheries Acoustics. For more advanced techniques, such as species differentiation using multiple frequency analysis, you may need to consult the primary literature.

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