About Echoview calibration files

Echoview 5.0 calibration

Echoview tries to read calibration information from your sounder or sonar data files. When settings are unavailable but are required for a calculation, Echoview uses default values. Quantitative calculation/analysis requires calibrated data which is achieved by using correct calibration setting values (rather than default values). For this purpose, Echoview provides an ECS file that enables you to modify or add calibration settings for variables in a fileset.

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Pre-Echoview 5.0 calibration - deprecated file types

The following information applies to pre-Echoview 5.0 EV files associated with multibeam data from multibeam, imaging and scanning sonars. The following file types are not supported in Echoview 5.

Echoview allowed for some calibration settings to be loaded from a specially formatted data file. These data files came in two formats, text and binary.

They were required be added to a fileset and selected on the Calibration 2 page of the Variable Properties dialog box. With the introduction of Echoview 5.0, the Calibration 2 page was removed.

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