About 3D polylines

A 3D polyline is a type of 3D object which represents a line in three dimensional space. 3D polylines can consist of one or more 3D points. Each 3D polyline is a member of a 3D polyline group.

You cannot create 3D polylines in Echoview, you must import them. You can create specific variants of the 3D polyline, the 3D region track and 3D fish track in Echoview however.

A 3D polyline is represented on a scene as points (small spheres) which are connected with lines (thin cylinders). Each line optionally has an arrow head indicating the direction of motion (from an earlier to a later point). The color of the polyline is specified on the Display page of the 3D Object Properties dialog box. Line color is a property of a 3D polyline and point color is optionally a property of the 3D polyline group. For a 3D polyline, the time and date for each point can be seen under Further information on the General page of the 3D Object Properties dialog box. Only points in the current scene time window will be displayed.

The scene below shows a 3D polyline group consisting of four 3D polylines:

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