About curtains

Curtains are 3D objects that can be viewed in a scene. Curtains can be created from:

Single beam echogram curtains

A single beam echogram curtain is a 3D representation of all or part of a single beam echogram. A curtain is made up of one or more curtain segments. The size of each curtain segment is defined by the number of pings it represents and is specified at the time of creation.

Single beam echogram curtains can be automatically updated when new data arrives. This is very useful for live viewing in 3D.

Multibeam ping curtains

A multibeam ping curtain is a 3D representation of a single ping from a multibeam echogram. Multibeam ping curtains are generally part of a multibeam ping curtain group.

Exports and properties

You can export curtains as VRML objects.

You can view curtain, ping curtain, segment and ping curtain group properties using the 3D object properties dialog box.

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