Create 3D Curtain dialog box

The Create 3D Curtain dialog box is used to enter the settings that will be used to create an echogram curtain.

To display the Create 3D Curtain dialog box to create an echogram curtain for an entire echogram:

  1. Display an echogram (other than a multibeam echogram).

  2. On the Echogram menu, point to Create 3D object, then click Curtain.

To display the Create 3D Curtain dialog box to create an echogram curtain using a selection of an echogram:

  1. Make a selection using the Vertical band tool vertical selection tool.

  2. On the Shortcut menu (right-click), point to Create 3D object, then click Curtain.

The Create 3D Curtain dialog box has the following settings:




Accept the default name or enter a name of your choice.

Segment width (pings)

An Echogram curtain is made up of one or more echogram curtain segments. This option allows you to specify the echogram curtain segment width in pings.

Live update

When selected, new segments will be added to the curtain as new data becomes available. This is useful for live viewing echogram data in 3D.

If data is added to the end of the source variable, the last Echogram curtain segment is filled to the specified segment size, and then new Echogram curtain segments are created as needed to display the new data.

If data is inserted before the last ping of a source variable, or data is removed from the source variable, the whole Echogram curtain is regenerated.

Data can be added to or removed from a source variable by:

Curtain time window

Echogram curtain segments that are older than the specified curtain time window (as determined by the time of the latest ping in that curtain) are removed from the Echogram curtain.

Echogram curtains using live update will maximally be as long as the curtain time window plus the duration of one segment width and will not obscure your scene unnecessarily during a survey.


Select which samples, if any on the multibeam echogram should be rendered as transparent in the created curtain. You can select:

Click Create to create the 3D curtain.


  • 3D objects must be added to a scene to be viewed.

  • Echogram curtain details are calculated using geographic coordinates that have been corrected from transducer geometry. See Creating 3D objects for more information.

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