About the Echoview Data File Format

The Echoview Data File Format (EVD) offers an Echoview-defined data file type for storing echosounder and sonar data, as well as supporting measurements. The EVD file format enables hardware manufacturers and Echoview users to create Echoview-compatible files containing data from hydroacoustic systems that are not currently supported by Echoview.

The Echoview Data File Format supports the following data types:

Optional parameters, such as calibration settings, can also be included.

Variables from almost all file formats that are currently supported by Echoview can also be exported (written) to EVD files, and then added to Echoview for further processing. This provides several performance benefits:

We suggest using the Automation module for export/EVD processing, because scripting these steps is very simple and can save considerable time.

You can view a current version of EchoviewDataFileFormat.pdf in your browser or download the document from the Echoview website under Technical Support, Downloads, Echoview Data File Format.

The Echoview Data File Format will continue to evolve in future versions of Echoview. We look forward to receiving feedback or suggestions for future revisions of the file format.

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