Automation module

The Automation module allows you to:

  • Automate data processing using a language of your choice (COM interface supplied).
  • Use the console to access the Echoview command interface in order to view and change variable properties.

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A COM script to change school detection setting

Figure 1. COM script to change a school detection setting.

COM features

With Echoview COM automation, control can come from a script, web page or other program and interaction between the script, the user and Echoview is possible.

  • A subset of COM objects emulate all the commands of automated export scripting.
  • Other COM objects give you access to further Echoview features, EV file settings, raw variable property settings and the Command interface.

The advantages of COM object scripting are:

  • The COM object can query Echoview as it runs. This allows you to make informed decisions.
  • Operations can be easily performed on multiple objects, or an entire collection.
  • Commands are executed serially.
  • The object is immediately informed of the failure of a procedure call. This makes it easier to find the source of a failed export or an unexpected result.
  • Echoview does not have to initialize and terminate for each script. This has the potential to make small scripts run faster.
  • It is easy to extend to support new functionality.

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