Exporting 3D regions

You can export 3D regions in the following formats:



*.csv file

A comma separated text file that contains 3D object metrics. This file may also include integration results when they are available for export.

All 3D regions in the scene are exported, regardless of their current visibility.

*.wrl file

A format that allows the exported 3D regions to be viewed in a 3D environment using a VRML viewer.

Only 3D regions that are currently visible in the scene (have a valid time overlapping with the scene time window) will be exported.

volume data set

A format that allows for the inspection of acoustic data inside of 3D regions using external software. See About 3D region inspection for further information.

To export a 3D regions/3D region class object (with 3D object metrics) from the Dataflow window (to a .wrl or .csv file):

  1. Click a 3D region class object.

  2. On the Shortcut menu select Export, 3D Object.

  3. Choose a folder and enter a name for the export file.

  4. In the Save as type list, select the export format.

  5. Click OK.

Note: Integration results are not output under this export process.

To export a 3D region analysis (you intend to export 3D object metrics and integration results) from a scene (to a .csv file):

  1. Display the scene.

  2. Select an Analysis variable and Integration algorithm on the Analysis page of the Scene Properties dialog box.

  3. On the Scene menu, point to Export and then click Analysis by Regions...

  4. Choose a folder and enter a name for the export file.

  5. Click OK.

To export region inspection data from a scene:

  1. See Exporting region inspection data.

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