Viewing 3D objects outside Echoview

Echoview exports the following file formats so that you can view various 3D objects outside Echoview:

VRML world files

Entire scenes and individual 3D objects and can be exported from Echoview as VRML world files (.wrl) and viewed using a supported VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) viewer. This allows colleagues and other interested parties to view your 3D scenes and 3D objects you create even if they do not have Echoview.

Supported viewers

Cortona is the only supported VRML viewer. See

Note: We have experienced problems using Cortona with specific graphics cards. Contact Echoview support for further information if you are using Cortona and having trouble viewing scenes exported from Echoview.

Viewing exported 3D objects

Once you have installed Cortona for Internet Explorer you can open the .wrl file using Internet Explorer and view the 3D object or scene.

Volume data set files

Volume data set files are created by exporting region inspection data. See About inspecting 3D regions.

This file format is generic and easily supported. The following 3rd party software is known to support this format:

developed by Christof Rezk-Salama
download from:
See Viewing region inspection data in OpenQVis

developed by RMR Systems Limited, represented by Roger Rowland and Dr. Rudy Lapeer
download from:
See Viewing region inspection data in 3DView

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