Exporting complex data

Complex data from variables derived from wideband data can be exported from Echoview to a *.complex.csv file.

To export complex data

  1. Display Complex data or pulse compressed Complex data variable.
  2. On the Echogram menu click Export, Complex Data...
  3. -OR-
  4. On the Dataflow window select a complex or pulse compressed complex data variable.
  5. Right-click and select Export, Complex Data Values...
  6. On the export dialog box, specify the Export options.
  7. Click Export...


  • Exclusions set on the Analysis page of the Variable Properties dialog box are applied to exported data. Excluded samples are handled as no data values.
  • Region and selection Complex data may be exported. With the mouse pointer over an active region or selection, use the right-click menu and select:
    • Export Region, Complex Data
    • Export Selection, Complex Data

Complex data export file (*.complex.csv)

The first line of the .complex.csv file lists the variables that are exported (these will be used as column headings if the file is loaded into a spreadsheet program). Each subsequent pair of lines contains the Real and Imaginary values of each variable for a single ping. The number of samples in a ping can be very large.

The following data are exported.




Sequential ping number.

Note: Echoview numbers pings sequentially beginning with 0 for the first ping in an echogram.


Component of sample complex number.

Complex number = Real Component + i*Imaginary Component.


Distance (nmi) from the first GPS fix in the data file.


Vessel log (nmi) at the time the ping was transmitted.


The date (yyyy-MM-dd) on which the ping was transmitted.


The time (HH:mm:ss) at which the ping was transmitted.


The millisecond (0..999) at which the ping was transmitted (optional column, may be left out)


The latitude (degrees) of the GPS antenna at the time the ping was transmitted.


The longitude (degrees) of the GPS antenna at the time the ping was transmitted.


Ping start depth (m).


Ping stop depth (m).


Ping start range (m).


Ping stop range (m).


Number of samples in the ping.

List of data values

A data value for each sample (separated by commas), The row Component value indicates the Real or Imaginary nature of the sample value.

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