About exporting data

Data values from files read by Echoview can be exported. This is distinct from the export of analysis results from Echoview.

Export data from:


  • A File option may be available to export large files as smaller fragments.


Calibration settings for analysis exports are specific to each variable, and are not included in export data. To ensure that you have a permanent record of the calibration setting for each data export, create a read-only export file and save a copy of the EV file with your export data.

Data management tips

  • To ensure that you have a permanent record of the calibration settings for your export, create a read-only folder to store your export data.
  • For each export, save a copy of the EV file to the folder path of the export. If you used an ECS file, save a copy of the ECS file as well.

Cancel export

For echograms and selections, an Export analysis dialog box with a progress bar and a Cancel export button is displayed for:

  • Data value exports (to *.csv) for:
    • Single beam
      • Boolean
      • Color
      • Sv/TS/Power
      • Angle
      • Complex angular position
      • Complex power dB
      • Complex Sv/TS
      • Pulse compressed Sv/TS/Power
      • Pulse compressed angle
      • Single target
      • Single target wideband
      • Unspecified dB
    • Multibeam: Standard multibeam, H, V and S-mode
      • Boolean
      • Color
      • Magnitude
      • Phase
      • Sv
      • Targets
      • Unspecified dB
      • Angular position
    • Other acoustic data
      • Current velocity magnitude
      • Linear
      • Target Length
  • Matlab exports
  • EVD exports
  • Georeferenced sample exports


  • Echoview cancels the export when the acoustic variable is changed while the export is in progress. An example of such a change is an ECS file update.
  • Echoview cancels the export when the multibeam ping mode is different from the first ping. The latest incomplete file is deleted and files saved earlier remain.
  • When an export is canceled, writing to the export file ends and the file is saved as-is.




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